Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meeting Number 10: In The Land Of Milk and Cheese

Cow On Farm Clip ArtOur last meeting was GREAT!
Our ideas for respect worked

Early Bird Activity : Farm Coloring Sheets!

Sticky Popcorn (great to get the wiggles out)
1. The game leader tells the girls that they are popcorn kernels. They start out by “popping” or jumping about slowly, and as the heat is increase (the game leader can call out “hotter”),
they hop faster.
2. This is special “sticky” popcorn. When the girls bump into each other, they stick together and continue to hop.
3. They can continue to grow into a giant popcorn ball.

Circle Time

We talked about the Girl Scout Law last time and having Respect for all of us during our time together.  What if we have a girl NOT showing respect. What should we do?
 (Girl led solution).

Back to business:  Review Caper Chart. Leader Helper sits on my right
Girl Scout Promise

Review all ways to say “Have a Good Trip” that we have learned

Independent Petal Pack Award Pass Out.

Nut Sale award pass out

Birthday Card/Patch Pass Out

Theme of the day: In the Land of Milk and Cheese – the Flower Friends Visit Wisconsin (yippee!)

Story Time :Read, or have the Daisies take turns reading, Chapter 4 beginning on page 53 of their books.

So, we know the Great Salt Lake is special in Utah....if the flowers came to our town, what would they want to see?
What would be the best thing to show them?

What foods would the want to try?

When they visited this special place in our town, would they see any special skills at work - people skills or plant skills?

( This will help our group begin thinking about their Clover project). (a play, posters for a school or library, a community planting project, litter pick up at a park, etc)

Craft time! - stuff blessing bags for the Homeless
Snack Time: Celebrating Local Foods
CHEESE! (String cheese)
earn about how different foods affect our bodies (sleeper foods like milk/cheese/turkey and wake up foods that they share from their experiences) talk about textures. Start thinking about their Clover Project.

-Snack and beverage helpers pass out treats. (String Cheese)

Daisy Clean Up Song (sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)
Leader: Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
Let’s tidy up the room.
Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
Time to go home soon.
( Girls Reply: )Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
We’re picking up our things.
Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
Hear our voices sing!

Circle Time! 
Invite the girls to talk about their favorite foods and where they might come from.

Squeeze and goodbye

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