Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cat Show!

Our troop was offered a fun opportunity for a Cat Show on April 6th.

They would be stewards at a cat show and the troop would get paid $300!!

Stewards help out in the cat show rings and get to see lots of kitties! The cat show as at the County Fairgrounds...and ran from 9-5. The girls were supplied a FREE lunch too....all they really did was sanitize the cages between judging rounds. Keep in mind, if a cat "messed" the cage, the cat's owner was responsible for cleaning it. 

Of course, "fun patches" were in order for the event....but do you know how hard it is to find a "fun patch" for a cat show? I had do come up with something else for the event..."Fundraiser" patches.

Fund-Raising -- we made enough to cover the cost of all our "Bridging Kits" for the girls next month, Yippee!

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