Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meeting 11: When the Flowers Meet The Trees

Early Bird Activity : Mother's Day Cards! (We will put these with the craft project from our next meeting for their mothers)

Sticky Popcorn (great to get the wiggles out)
1. The game leader tells the girls that they are popcorn kernels. They start out by “popping” or jumping about slowly, and as the heat is increase (the game leader can call out “hotter”),
they hop faster.
2. This is special “sticky” popcorn. When the girls bump into each other, they stick together and continue to hop.
3. They can continue to grow into a giant popcorn ball.

Circle Time

Review Caper Chart. Leader Helper sits on my right
Girl Scout Promise

Independent Petal Pack Award Pass Out.

Pass out patches for those who helped at the Cat Show

Birthday Card/Patch Pass Out

Theme of the day: When the Flowers Meet the Treeslearn about different kinds of trees (Spruce, Pinion and Chestnut – then classifying them into deciduous and conifers),

Story Time :Read, or have the Daisies take turns reading, Chapter 5 of their books.

This is the 3rd tree we leraned about on this Journey - first we learned about spruce trees, the pinon trees and now chestnut trees - and we have one more tree to learn about later in the story! Can anyone guess what that will be?

Let's talk about the trees in Wisconsin, which trees give us shade? Which ones are good for climbing? Did you know that Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low liked to climb trees as a young girl?

Clover Project: We talked about a few things last time and we are going to do it for the next meeting...A few of you mentioned picking up garbage, etc at a park - how about the grounds of this church?
That is a GREAT way to take care of the planet, now let's talk a minute about taking care of YOU.
**A girl in our community, the same age as our troop, was molested this past week. We are not telling our troop that but ARE covering a few more things to help prevent it in their lives. Just look at your troop: one out of every four women is assulted in some way, in their lives. That would mean 3-4 of our girls as we have a troop of 13. Usually it is from someone that the person we want to give an age appropriate reminder.
We talked about Stranger Danger when you all earned your safety award... we just want to remind everyone about a few things:
  • First of all, this is a SAFE place for you girls and you can come to us about anything. We are here to help you, even if it isn't part of our meetings.
  • Secondly, it may be called "Stranger Danger" but it could also be someone we know. The bottom line is to trust your instincts. If you get that funny feeling in your tummy that something isn't right - it probably isn't. We have talked about yelling, running away, etc - that is OK.
  • Sometimes, people who want to hurt us, lie. We talked about people who ask you to help them find their missing dog, who talk about giving you a ride home, who offer you candy. There are also people who say that your parents will get in trouble if you say anything or that they will be mad at you if you tell.
    They are LIARS.
  • If something ever happened, tell an adult that you trust, right away. You will NEVER get in trouble, it is NEVER your fault, and we can help protect you.

Craft time! We are making Sit Upons for the overnight area campout!

Snack Time
-Snack and beverage helpers pass out treats.

Daisy Clean Up Song (sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)
Leader: Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
Let’s tidy up the room.
Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
Time to go home soon.
( Girls Reply: )Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
We’re picking up our things.
Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts,
Hear our voices sing!

Circle Time!

Squeeze and goodbye

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