Thursday, March 28, 2013

Girl Led Thoughts....

Our Troop is winding up it's last year of Daisies and working it's way to Brownies.

With the whole "Girl Led" concept, we want to keep it age appropriate and let them make choices on activities.

I whipped up a little survey that they will get at our Bridging Ceremony so they can be empowered to steer our way over the upcoming year.

I already know which Journey book we will do (A World Of Girls) but want their ideas on Tours, Service Projects, and group activities. Yes, I made a list in advance, to narrow things down a bit. We will take the top choices from the surveys and fill in around our Journey for our meetings.

Here is our survey:

Becoming A Brownie!

My favorite thing about being a Daisy was: ___________________________________
I am excited about Brownies because: ___________________________________

I think it would be fun to tour: (pick 4)

Post Office       Bakery       Costco       A Food Pantry       Grocery Store (HyVee or Copps)     
the Zoo      Hospital      Vet Office       Corn Maze      A TV station
Butterfly Garden      Bread Company       Horicon Marsh

Activities I think it would be fun to have a: (circle 3)
tea party      ice cream social      picnic      mother/daughter party
spa treat      cup cake decorating party

Service Project
I think we should help: (circle 3)

An animal shelter      Homeless kids get ready for their first day of school
A family at Christmas with gifts      Birthday In A Box      The Food Pantry      SunShine Supper        Teddy Bear Drive       Meals On Wheels (napkin rings)
       Scarves For Homeless      
"Books On Tape" For A PreSchool

Would you like to make troop t-shirts this year that match?  Yes No

Choose 1 country you would like to learn about for Thinking Day this year:
Japan       Brazil      England       Cananda       Kenya       Peru

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