Thursday, February 28, 2013

World Thinking Day: International Bazaar

Our area group (consists of several different troops) put this International Bazaar!

The concept is simple, each troop picks a country and makes a table display. They share what they learned with other scouts and possibly sell something country related (like jewelry, food, etc). The money raised gets donated to the fund that helps girls be able to afford being a scout, if they don't have the means.

This is our first year and we are NOT adopting a country but ARE attending. We will see how it all works and then, adopt a country next year. I am leaning towards an African theme as I scored a one gallon bag full of wooden beads that would make for amazing bracelets to sell....or Japan as several girls have access to a kimono and we could face paint ladies like a Geisha?

Here is an example of a table display and a Daisy (my daughter) holding their passport:
Girls looking for the trivia answer of the booth for their passport...then that country "stamps" it.
My Assistant Troop Leader and I, decked out with mustaches from "France" ... they sold them for $.25 each
Italy had a Mona poster that became a photo op. This is the Mona Sarah...
Australia had aboriginal face painting for a quarter. Simple, two colors and it used just one Q-tip to do! Simple, yet brilliant - no?
Hong Kong had paper fans for a quarter (or maybe it was $.50?)
We ended with a flag ceremony, Girl Scout promise and law, and then called all troops/countries up one-by-one to donate their earnings. All troops were clapped for as they did a SUPER job on their countries!
If you don't have anything like this in your area -- I hope it gives you enough ideas to get one started!
All girls had a BLAST, learned a lot and it was cool to have a little "down time" in the event to "network" with other girls from different troops.
Happy World Thinking Day!

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