Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meeting Number 8: Catchin' Up, Chapter 2

So, we are now playing catch up with our Journey book as the blizzards of Wisconsin had thrown us off our planned pace. I was pretty sure the girls had earned their other finance leaves from selling cookies and we reviewed it. Even though you were supposed to earn only two a year, we did all four this year because we didn't really sell cookies last year.

Making Choices:
·    Find out the difference between wants and needs
·    Try setting a goal to save for what you want
·    Help others with what the need and want.
Count it Up:
·    Fine out what cookies cost
·    Learn about different kinds of cookies
·    Set a sales goal
Talk It Up:
·    Decide how to use your cookie money
·    Talk about how to use your cookie money to help others
·    Inspire your customers

Yup. Yup. Yup.
They have done it all!

OK, back to our meeting...

Early Bird Activity is our craft for the meeting: St Patrick's Day print using green paint and a cut up bell pepper to make the Shamrock stamp! They stamped on sheets that said:

I am so lucky to be a Daisy Girl Scout!
This way, the prints were dry when the meeting was over.

Circle Time

-Review Caper Chart. Leader Helper sits on my right
  Start with a song: The Daisy Song!
My assistant leader put the following on cute paper for all of them to take home:


Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver, and the other gold. 
A circle’s round; it has no end.
That’s how long I want to be your friend. 
A fire burns bright; it warms the heart.
We’ve been friends from the very start.
You have a hand, and I have another.
Put them together, and we have each other.
Across the land; across the sea.
Friends forever we will always be.
Girl Scout Promise

Tour Around Deeds Review -- from our Investiture Ceremony, the girls had to do three good turns to turn their pin around. We went from girl to girl to learn what they did to turn them around.

-Say to each other in Japanese, what to say to people when they take a trip (Itterasshai). Then we all say it together.

Independent Petal Pack Award Pass Out.

Birthday Card/Patch Pass Out

Theme of the day: Special Skills and Textures Too

During our time together tonight, you are all going to pay special attention to the girl on your left. Does everyone know which way is left? Pay attention to what she says and does so you can learn what special skill she shows tonight. Is she good at speaking up? Good at helping others?
At the end of our meeting, you tell her what you think her special skill is and we will see if she agrees with you. J

We finished chapter 2 where the flower friends visit Jasper Beach before heading to the Lupine Festival.
What did you think about the flowers seeing so many shapes or colors at the beach?
Have you ever been to a beach like that?
Can you imagine going to a beach like that?

So – it’s Science Time! 
Here is a way to see some shiny stones and pebbles, just like the flower friends saw when they visited Jasper Beach!

Why do you think the water makes the stones brighter?

When stones get wet, they act like a mirror – the water lets more light reflect off the stone.

More light means you can see more of the stone’s color, so the stone looks brighter.

Over time, water and sand can make stones so smooth and shiny that they look polished – like our flower friends saw at Jasper Beach.

Compass Lesson.
North – East – South – West is drawn on the white board. Let’s all face North. Which way do we turn to face West? South? (switch it up a bit and have fun)

Finish our Finance Leaves
-We will review each of the leaves with them and see if they understand how /what we did.

Snack Time
-Snack and beverage helpers pass out treats. It is seed week!  The snack helper brought popcorn in cutely decorated bags.

Circle Time!
Everyone in the same order that they were at the beginning of the meeting…each girl shares what they think the special skill is of the girl on their left. We keep a written list going for the next meeting.
Clean Up helpers help pack up cart...
Take home: Their craft, The Finance Leaves and reminder for the next meeting!
We had a tough time tonight with a few girls... it cost us about 10 minutes of our meeting. When special skills were talked about at the end, 6 girls were called "silly". Not the best special skill to have.......

So, we are starting something up for the troop at the beginning of the next meeting.
Stay tuned...

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