Thursday, February 21, 2013

Investiture Ceremony

We are a second year Daisy Troop but never have done an Investiture Ceremony. So, we made a BIG deal out of this, to make it special for the girls.

At our last meeting we had the girls decorate the invites for their parents...after all, you need someone to clap for you when you earn something, right?

First things first.
The order of the ceremony.

Everyone will do the Pledge of Allegiance.

Leader Says: You are all Daisy Girl Scouts but we are "officially" stating that tonight. Together we will
explore all the fun and adventure of Girl Scouting. Let's look at some of the things we have done and might do.

(This is where the girls start to come up, one by one. They got a numbered index card when they arrived)

 #1 GS: The lady that started Girl Scouts was Juliette Gordon Low, her nickname was "Daisy". We are named after her.

#2 GS: Together we will learn more about Girl Scouting.

#3 GS: The Girl Scout Promise is the pledge that tells us how to live our lives. 

LEADER: In Daisy Girl Scouts, girls earn 10 Learning Petals. Each petal is a different color, which represents a different phrase from the Girl Scout Law. Our law starts out : I will do my best to:

#4 GS: Be honest and fair

#5 GS: Be friendly and helpful

#6 GS: Be considerate and caring

#7 GS: Be courageous and strong

#8 GS: Be responsible for what I say and do

#9 GS:   Respect myself and others

#10 GS: Respect authority

#11 GS: Use resources wisely

#12 GS: Make the world a better place

#13 GS:   Be a sister to every Girl Scout.

LEADER: In Girl Scouting, we have lots of fun things to learn. We will learn how to be safe and healthy. We will learn how and why things work. We will sing, dance, make things and put on plays. We will have fun outside and learn how to care for our world. We will learn how to be helpful people on this earth. The Girl Scout Promise tells us to help others. The Girl Scout Law tells us how to be good to each other and our world. Most important we have fun!
Let's all repeat our Girl Scout Promise.

It is now time to pin our girls! All of our girls have already worn their Daisy Pin.  

The daisy is a symbol of dedication to the Girl Scout movement, which was started by our founder Juliette Gordon Low and began in our country on March 12, 1912. Juliette Low’s nickname was Daisy. You are following in her footsteps as you become a unique and caring influence in today and tomorrow’s world.

Today, we are turning it upside down. It can be turned right side up by a parent after the Daisy Girl Scout has completed three good deeds.  We look forward to hearing all of the good deeds at our next meeting!  
We are also pinning on this year's membership stars!

In alphabetical order, please come up.
A, A, A, D, E, J, K, K, L, L, M, S, T
(each one pinned, Daisy pin turned upside down and handed a certificate)
These were the certificates I made in Publisher. It has 13 Daisy flowers on it because we have 13 Daisies in our troop!

Please welcome Daisy Troop #1123!

Now, it's award time!
All cookie awards passed out, along with a certificate.

Let's all join together for the Friendship Squeeze!

(simple punch and Girl Scout cookies)

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