Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daisy Meeting Number 7: Valentine's

 Early Bird Activity: Working on the Investiture Ceremony Invites.(Our next normal meeting date is going to be our Investiture Ceremony)
Circle Time
We started with the Girl Scout Promise.

Petal Award Pass out (our first year Daisies are doing an independent study to earn their petals) The 2nd year girls applaud them!

Birthday Award Pass out (A card from me with a birthday "fun" patch)

Review the bank field trip -- what did we learn about money? We had everyone who made it to the field trip share something that they learned so the girls who couldn't go learned too!
Pass out Finance Leaf! We are doing all FOUR leaves this year as they didn't really sell cookies last year. They have done almost everything for all four and at our next "normal" meeting, they will get them.
What is an Investiture Ceremony? They have never been to one before so I explained what they could expect. We would do the pledge of allegiance, the promise, the law, get pinned and receive the cookie selling awards.
Valentines time!
They all got a craft kit that contained a foam heart, puffy heart stickers in different colors, lips confetti and a picture of them. They got to use markers too and make them as fancy as they wanted to.
Snack. We kind of mixed things up a bit here and deviated from our normal "healthy" treats. Candy bracelets, Capri Sun, Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit Chewies...yes, they got sugared up {sigh}.
Circle time 
Talk about Magazine sale. We did VERY well on cookies and didn't really need to do the magazine sale this year. I explained that if everyone fills out the post card packs and turns it in, we make $2.50 each. That is an EASY $35 for us! They also get a cute chalkboard and patch...which they got excited about.

We then ended with the Friendship Squeeze.

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