Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Daisy Meeting: Getting Started

My Early Bird project was simple: decorate white boxes with markers and colored pencils. I scored a BUNCH of them for FREE and thought it would be a great thing to use for the day we are caroling at the local senior center. Each box will have 2 Thin Mints in it and we shall pass them out to the residents after we are done singing. We need 50 boxes ready. We will have this project until they are all decorated. We stop this at 6:00 PM sharp, when it is time to start our meeting.
Circle time!!
·      We sang the make new friends Song – then talked about our new friends to the troop and the old friends we met last year - the Flowers. We reviewed the flowers and what part of the Girl Scout law they represent.

·      We talked about new things: Daisy Wheel. Our Journey Book this year, What awards were were going to earn this year and what field trips we were going to go on. We are working on a LOT of awards: Blue Bucket,  Firefly, Clover, Cookie seller, Finance, Safety, Bridging and they will get patches for each of our field trips/outings.

·      Theme of the day: Getting Ready For Our Road Trip! We read the introductory page of our Journey Book (Between Earth and Sky)

·      Girl Scout Law

·      Leader Helper: Pass Out Journey Books to all girls - they were SUPER excited to get them!
Craft time !!

·      Craft helper pass out craft bags. Each project was all ready individually bagged, in a one gallon baggie. I used the Girl Scout Promise, inside a basic Trefoil shape and had already cut them into circles. The girls could color them and then popped them into plastic "buttons" that I scored on clearance at JoAnn's craft store - 2 in a pack for $.50. They wore them proudly on their vests!
Here is my sheet - 5 to a page:
Snack Time !!
·      Snack and beverage helpers passed out treats - we are doing healthy stuff this year! Just look at the creative interpretation of the "FLOWER" snack - I LOVE it!!
Just in case you can't tell - it's cauliflower and dip, with a sliced pear stem. Uber Cuteness!
Circle time to close
·      What is next? I have a hand out that "reminds" parents about the next meeting but think the girls like knowing what kind of fun we will have at the next meeting.

·      Squeeze helper - the perfect way to end the meeting - with the friendship squeeze.
Clean Up helpers help pick up things and load up my cart so we leave the space as we found it.

How did our first meeting go?

Pretty awesome, I thought - with one exception: My Child.
The whole "my mom is the leader" thing grew old very fast. We had a little chat after the other girls left and made it clear that ALL girls are EQUAL in the world of Girl Scouts. I explained that they were all going to look to HER for an example on how to behave and that I really needed her on her best behavior.

She "got it".
(I hope)

Only time will tell - and a few more meetings...

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