Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Big Outline

As a troop, we have already gotten through the summer and our first meeting is coming up next week! Here is my rough agenda for the school year - including the field trips and service projects. Keep in mind that we are trying to encompass a few different areas of the Scouting mission: work with a journey book to build their minds and guide the lessons, give back to the community, doing things for other people AND keep it all fun!


·         Intro meeting – talk about our Journey this year as we go on a “Road Trip” with our Daisy friends. They will get their journey books, talk about awards to earn and our field trips to take review the flower friends, explain the Daisy Meeting Wheel, make a Christmas Carol List that we all know, make a button with the Girl Scout law on it (they can wear on their vests), and the Flower Snack.

·         Field Trip!-à 6PM at the Public Library to be followed by 6:30 story time

·         Getting Ready for the Road – learn about our own feelings, learn what you say to people when they take a trip, get their road trip journey base patches, make bookmarks, role play resolving conflict (easy with their school's Caring Bridge example), sing a Christmas Carol. And, Stem snack.
  • October 7th: Cookie Carnival -- from the Council. $5 per girl, and a lot of fun with TONS of other Scouts. Pizza, prizes, games and more.
·         October 14th :  Fire Station Open House, 8-3PM. We are looking at a 30 minute “helper shift” and then, to enjoy the festivities J

·         Our Road Trip Begins - learn about other people’s feelings, learn what you say to people when they take a trip in French, Learn about different types of soil from Jung’s Garden center (maybe a guest), talk about littering and make a Frankenstein Can Craft, and role play  on how I help my friends. Sing a Different Christmas Carol, and Leaf snack. ***All girls will need a clean, empty soup can. I have a toplifter can opener if you don’t so they will have NO sharp edges on their final project. J

·         You, Me, How Different We Can Be  - learn about other people’s feelings, learn what you say to people when they take a trip in Spanish, Learn how plants drink, explain our “Feast of Plants” for snacks over the last few meetings and “Color-A-Carnation Craft” to take home. Talk about nature’s colors and make a Hand print Turkey Craft. Role play on how I feel and you feel, earn the Blue Bucket Award. And, Root snack.

·         Living the Law, and So Many Seeds – learn more about the Girl Scout Law, learn what you say to people when they take a trip in Chinese, talk about seeds (like those of our flower friends) and how they are just baby plants waiting to grow, Toilet Paper Butterfly Craft, role play how I feel and you feel. And, Seed snack.

·         Special Skills, and Textures Too – learn the diversity of textures in nature, lean what to say to people when they take a trip in Japanese, paying attention to our special skills, learn about reflection (water and stone project), think about different shapes in nature (too cold for a nature walk!) Talk about winter and how to help nature with a milk jug bird feeder craft and a snack. **All girls will need a clean, empty milk jug for this craft. I will cut them, they will decorate and assemble.

·       Bonus meeting– Cookie Awards Ceremony **
12/20 Caroling at Senior Center and passing out mini cookie boxes! (I send them with a little gift for them all to open at Christmas/holidays – A Daisy Hair Clip/barrette!)

·         We Have Skills and So Do Plants! - learn more about our special skills and those of plants, learn what you say to people when they take a trip in Italian, girls earn their Firefly award, We will talk about how the snow is like water to the plants and make a Snow Measuring Stick Craft.  Also, Snack.

·         Field Trip! à To a grocery store to talk about LOCAL foods that we will talk about in the next meeting. (cheese, apples, milk, corn, etc)

·         In the Land of Milk and Cheese – review all ways to say “Have a Good Trip”, the Flower Friends Visit Wisconsin (yippee!) learn about how different foods affect our bodies (sleeper foods like milk/cheese/turkey and wake up foods that they share from their experiences) talk about textures and a Valentine Heart Craft. Start thinking about their Clover Project. (a play, posters for a school or library, a community planting project, litter pick up, etc) A string cheese snack would be PERFECT!

·         When the Flowers Meet the Trees – learn about different kinds of trees (Spruce, Pinion and Chestnut – then classifying them into deciduous and conifers), Making Bark Rubbings, talking more about our Clover Project, touching on recycling and making a Pop Top Friendship bracelet Craft. Hot chocolate would be PERFECT for the beverage person-- I can bring hot water. **Parent note: If anyone has a fireplace, bringing a log or two with bark on it would help us with the rubbings – it will be too cold to go outside to trees to do it. J 
·         Protecting a Natural Treasure – We start work on our Clover Project. Shamrock card from stamping with Bell Peppers Craft, and Snack.

·         Field Tripà(bank or police)

·         We work on our Clover Project! – Secret craft project – No Mom’s allowed!

·         On the Road To New Adventures – We review the blue bucket and firefly suitcase. Girls review their clover project and earn their award, craft is girls signing each other’s Journey Books and a group picture!
·         Field Trip! àTV station (this will be on a Saturday)

·         Bridge Ceremony – let’s make this really special for all of them! They will get their special Bridging award in a clear, ribbon tied baggie. It would be great if all Moms (and any other family members that want to) could attend. I will bring Daisy Cookies – we will have a party sign up like Brownies, etc. J

That's it - my whole year roughed out. I hope it helps someone make their own plans...I will be posting each meeting/event as they happen.

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