Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cookie Training - Oiy!

My head is still spinning...
I have finished the official
Girl Scout Cookie Training.

New to our area, is the direct sale concept.
This means, I have to GUESS the amount of cookies we will sell, pre-order them, and pray that we actually sell them all, LOL!

There are TONS of great gifts the girls can earn and this is the way we will take our almost
non-existing troop bank account and have some serious working capital!

I am ALL OVER this!!!

I have all our "booth" locations and dates/times in for approval, I roughly calculated our first cookie order and placed it, I have planned how to get the girls excited at our next meeting and have made sure all girls are attending the "Cookie Carnival" that the council puts together.
What IS A Cookie Carnival?
Here it is, right from our program listing:
Enjoy a Cookie Carnival while earning your 2012-2013 Cookie Activity Pin.
This event will be filled with cookie-focused games. “What Can a Girl Do?”
is this year’s cookie theme and you’ll get plenty of chances to answer that question
at the carnival by “doing” all the games and activities there.
You’ll meet the new cookie mascot (a dolphin) and enjoy fun crafts.
Prepare for the Cookie Program by attending “Cookie College” to learn how to be a
better and safer cookie seller.
Some of Council’s highest sellers will be at the Carnival to help
you set goals to earn your way to great adventures this year!
This event will be full of games, pizza, cookies and information to help kick off
your cookie-selling season with confidence.
Grades: K-12 ($5 girl / $0 adult)
This should help get the girls excited about their goal of 156 boxes.
They will earn a lot of gifts like:

A dolphin patch, a booth sale patch, a "set a goal online" patch, a "send out 12 e-cards online" patch, a "100" patch, a logo bracelet, a collapsible water bottle, a mood pencil set with sharpener, a dolphin necklace and ring set! Our troop is also using some of this cookie money to pay for their dues next year, new uniforms (they will be Brownies) and a "school is out" pool party!
Of course, they can choose to sell MORE than 156 boxes.
150 is roughly what each parent said they were going to shoot for...
and that includes sales from when they work a shift at one of our cookie booths! 
My daughter wants to sell 600 boxes!
That would also get her a Wisconsin Dells Pass, a logo Messenger Bag,
a logo Beach Towel, a set of logo Ear Buds in case AND the biggie:
 2 tickets to Mary Poppins at the local upscale theater in the spring.
We will see how this actually goes, but I envision my hubby and the red wagon,
taking her all over the neighborhood, LOL!
I can always order MORE boxes and pick them up,
and swap out if their magic formula was wrong for our area.
After all that cookie talk... I think I need a glass of milk.

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