Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Is In My Reminders?

 After each Daisy meeting or field trip, I send home a "reminder" with the girls. What it simply states is the date of the next meeting, who has what "job" and what kind of preparation is needed. We only meet twice a month so, sometimes, I have them read a few pages at home. (I am living in the world that this is going to work...)Here is an example:    Our next meeting is October 3rd, 6-7PM

Getting Ready for the Road – learn about our own feelings, learn what you say to people when they take a trip, get their road trip journey base patches, make bookmarks, role play resolving conflict (easy with their school's Caring Bridge example), sing a Christmas Carol. And, Stem snack. We are also going to kick off COOKIE time and prep them for Sunday's Cookie Carnival.
As we will be talking a lot about plants for this Journey– it might be fun to keep the snacks on the same concept for the first five meetings: This week is Stems = Celery, asparagus, etc

Get as creative as you want and it’s OK to bring dip/ranch or whatever for them! For the rest of the year, as long as we stick with healthy options, we are following along with what they are learning. I have the grocery store field trip planned for when we are talking about “local foods”.  J
For this meeting:
Squeeze starter - M, Leader helper - S, Craft helper - A, Clean up x 2 – L and T, Snack - K, Beverage - A, Law Leader - L.
Read pages 6-12 in the Journey Book before the next meeting
I hope that helps you -- I have a similar note each time, about the next event.

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