Thursday, October 3, 2013

Meeting #3

We just got the stuff for the fall sale (nuts/magazines) and wanted to make it clear to the parents. My assistant leader pulled all parents aside for a quick recap of it and got the permission slips signed while I started our meeting with our Brownies.

***My assistant leader just ROCKS -- wait until you see the folders she made for our girls!

Welcome Circle: Girl Scout Law (in sign language song at the next meeting!)Girl Scout Promise - led by girl of the "week"

We went around the circle and said our name and one thing they like to do with other girls... then, we went around again and said "I like to ____ too, just like ______". We talked about how they just made a connection with other girls in their troop and how easy it was to make connections with other girls/women in their lives.

Stuffy Drive!
They were challenged to bring 5 "new looking" stuffed animals each for us to donate to the police department. The girls were getting (did get) a fun patch for the toy drive and we donated a LOT of stuffies - almost 200!

Their Books -- page 10.Finding clues in a story -- what is a clue?-What is something in Shali's life that she wants help with?
-So that is a clue!
-Is this something we could help Shali with? How?
-The clue in this story is that two of the girls want to read better - Do you think anyone you know also wants to be able to read better? Could we do anything to make things better for them?-->Reading to younger kids? Making "books on tape" for a preschool class?

Clues are all around us -- Friendship Name Poem!Each girl got a piece of paper with a fellow Brownie's name on it - written down the left side, vertically. They were randomly passed out and each girl had to write things that they liked about each other for each letter.Example:SweetAlways friendlyReally fashionableA great friendHelpful

Time for the Troop Passport -- Our  Brownies wanted to decorate a box! We had a plain white box and they colored it. Over the next few meetings they will add stickers, glitter glue, bling, and stuff inside.

Snack Time!! We had a snack helper who brought pita bread and hummus, and she got to read her "all about me" sheet! 

Clean Up Time!!

Closing Ceremony:
-- next meeting we will celebrate our founder's birthday, finish the friendship patch and add to our passport.
-- squeeze and goodbye

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