Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meeting #4 - Happy Birthday!

Even though it is a little early -- we are celebrating Juliette's birthday at this meeting.

Our Early Bird Activity is Juliette's Paper Bag Puppets. The girls can color them, we will cut them and glue them when they are working on their craft project for the day.

Welcome Circle: Pledge led by "girl of the week". We are celebrating our founder's birthday -- let's start with the Birthday Patches for all girls who have had a birthday since June! (Our patches just came in).


(Divide the group into eight groups; these will be Juliette Low, Georgia, Horses, London, Lord Baden-Powell, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts)
Sound Effects- (when they hear their names they stand up and make their sound. It's even cuter when they have to do an action as well)

  • Little Girls - Stand and giggle
  • Juliette Low - Curtsy and say, "Be my friend"
  • Georgia- Wave and say, "Hi, y'all!"
  • Horses- Stamp your feet and say, "Neighhhhhhh."
  • Lrd Baden-Powell- Bow formally and say, "How d'ya do?"
  • London- Sing, "London Bridge is Falling Down"
  • Boy Scouts- Make Scout sign and say "Be prepared."
  • Girl Scouts- Make Scout sign and say "On My Honor"
Read the story-

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Juliette Low who lived in Georgia and loved to ride horses. After she grew up she went to London where she met Lord Baden-Powell who founded the Boy Scouts. She was fascinated by the work he was doing. She studied with him awhile and decided to found a troop of Girl Scouts for the little girls who liked to ride horses in Georgia. So Juliette Low said good-bye to the Boy Scouts in London and came home with the ideas that Lord Baden-Powell gave her. She formed a group of little girls, who liked to ride horses and be together, into a troop of Girl Scouts. And they loved it so much that the idea spread and now there are Girl Scout troops all over the world. Aren't we glad that a little girl named Juliette Low, from Georgia who liked horses went to London and met Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, and came to start the wonderful world of Girl Scouts!

Pearl Necklaces! (packs of 8 at the local dollar store).
Juliette sold her treasured pearl necklace to start Girl Scouts -- this is a simple reminder of what she gave up for all of us, over 100 years ago.

(Friendship Patch Time) Find Kind Words: Words can hurt so it's important to use nice ones when you disagree. Make a list of words that make you feel good. Practice using the words to say kind things. 

Troop Passport -- Our Brownies wanted to decorate a box! They added birthday stickers to it.

Craft time: I made mini brown paper vests -- and printed patches for them to cut out and decorate them. These are the invitations for their rededication/investiture ceremony in December. (I shared it last week)

Snack Time: We had a snack helper who brought crispy treat "cupcakes" that were frosted and topped with edible mini pearls (Juliette sold her pearl necklace to fund Scouts), and she got to read her "all about me" sheet! 

Clean Up Time!!

Closing Ceremony:
-- next meeting we will work on our books, finish our invitations and add to our passport.
-- squeeze and goodbye

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