Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meeting #2: Starting our Journey

Early Bird Craft: They voted on a few community service projects...they are decorating /making napkin rings for meals on wheels recipients during the holidays. We will add colorful paper napkins to them.

Circle time
· Make New Friends Song – talk about our new friends to the troop and old friends...we lost a few gals and added a few...starting the Friendship Award, so they have to introduce themselves and are challenged to do it with an adult this week *that they know.

· Today we are beginning an exciting journey called A World of Girls! You may already know what a journey is -- can anyone tells us? We followed our Flower friends on their journey across the US last year as Daisies. You meet new people, see new places and learn new things, while having fun!

On this journey, we are going to learn about the lives of girls all over the world...and explore YOUR world, and the girls in it - your families, your friends, and girls from all parts of your life.

How will we do this?
Through stories! We will hear, read, and talk about the stories of women and girls -- and catch "clues" in them to make the world a better place.

Now, link arms and imagine we are forming a circle around the world... and let's say the Girl Scout Promise and Law together.

The last line is "Be a sister to every girl scout" -- what do you think that means?

Now, let's talk about your good turn mice...
How Brownies got their name. (Brownie Story)
When Brownies Get together...(pages 17-22 of the Brownie Girl Guide)
When you travel, you need one -- we were thinking we should have a TROOP one for our travels... what do you think we should do?

Our Journey awards! -- (page 7 of the Journy book) -- we will talk more about these as we go along..but let's get started with our story: Flying into Shali's Desert Home. (pages 6-16 in the girls journey book)
  • What did the brownie friends learn about Shali?
  • What things to Campbell, Jamila and Alejandrea have in common with her?
  • What do YOU have in common with her?
  • What was the most interesting to you about her world?
Game: (games from England) Brittish Bulldog, Quack Quack Honk, Ring Around The Rosey

Snack Time: we had our snack helper do an "About Me" page and talk. Our snacks were fig newtons, in theme with the story.  The story is next week!

Circle time
· What is next? Finish your passport in your Journey books and the first item on page 10. We will start our troop passport and finish our Hear A Story award at our next meeting! 
· Friendship Squeeze

(clean up)


  1. Danelle, your marvelous ideas and organization are truly inspirational. Rock on sister friend!