Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our First Meeting!

If you have been reading, this isn't  going to seem a giant surprise to you. I have already basically shared everything we are going to do!

Early Bird Craft: They voted on a few community service projects...they are decorating /making napkin rings for meals on wheels recipiants during the holidays. We will add colorful paper napkins to them.
Circle time
·      Make new friends Song – talk about our new friends to the troop and old friends...we lost a few gals and added a few. 

·     Girl Scout Law and Promise

·  New things: Kaper Chart. Folders. Attendance. Our Journey Book, New Award Collection, field trips, cookie sale in the spring instead of the fall!

·      Pass out patches earned over the summer (Dance, Bug and Artist/Painter)

·    Talk about Good Turn Mice. We are NOT starting with the first journey book, we want to get the idea in their heads now -- kind of like the Brownie Elf story.

Good Turn Mouse
This saucy creature is a mouse
Most mothers won't let one in the house
See, this one it has quite a tail,
Each Girl Scout made one without fail.
Take it with you and help all week,
and to do good turns you must seek
for every good turn that you do
tie a knot in the yarn...make quite a few.
Remember why each knot you tied
and how much to help you really tried
and then next time, please take your turn
to tell us all, so we can learn...
just what you did to help at home
a ready helper you have grown!

Craft time
·      Craft helper pass out craft bags-- they make mice with tails.
Snack Time: we make the Trail Mix and enjoy it. The story is next week!
Circle time
·      What is next? Starting our Journey books at the next meeting!
·      Friendship Squeeze

Clean Up helpers help pack up car!
The girls go home with some trail mix and their mice.

How did your first meeting of the year go?

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