Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting Ready For The Meetings

We start back up with our "normal" meetings in just a few weeks -- so NOW is the time to plan a few things out.

1) Our First Meeting will be simple -- it's called "The Trail Mix" meeting.
We already had families sign up for a different item on the list and we will use this to get "back in the swing" of things.

2) Now -- how to recognize those who earned patches over the summer! We had a dance clinic to earn the dancer patch, we had independant studies on Painting/Artist and Bugs.
I have all their patches and "certificates" to put them on. I need a stapler and then I am ready to go!
I just think it seems more "Special" when you present it in a big way -- it's time to create memories!

3) We will make Good Turn Mice -- so I have to get the craft kits ready. It's paper and yarn basically.

How are you getting ready for the fall meetings?

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