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Independent Patch Pack: Painter/Artist!

Painter Color Palette With Brush Cartoon clip art - vector clip
At our Bridging Ceremony, we sent the girls home with and envelope so they could work on their first official Brownie patch - the Artist one! I like to do this for them as we don't really have meetings over the summer...they will be able to earn THREE patches and a fun patch before our meetings start back up.

I scoured the Internet to come up with this -- they can work on it at their own pace.

I did NOT create this but can't seem to find the original source so I can credit someone.
Blessings to the Creator!

Brownie Painting Artist

Artists take what they see and make it beautiful. Learn to paint and color your world in
super strokes!

1. Get inspired
2. Paint the real world
3. Paint a mood
4. Paint without brushes
5. Paint a mural

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll have new ideas about what to paint – and how to paint it.

Your paintings can brighten your home –
Tell about Brownie fun –
Make others happy –
And make you happy, too! Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, 1963
Every step has three choices. Do ONE choice to complete each step.
Inspired? Do more.

Tips Before Takeoff
To begin this badge, you’ll need a few art supplies:
􀂾 Your favorite kind of paints (washable is best for when you are just starting out!)
􀂾 Different sized brushes: One for big stuff and one for the details is a great pair.
You can, also, paint with your fingers or a cotton swab.
􀂾 Thick paper on which you can paint (what could you recycle? Old poster boards
from school projects?)
􀂾 An old shirt that you can wear as a smock to protect your clothes
Can you tell when your painting is finished?
Stop when it shows what you want it to show. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, 1963

Step 1 Get inspired
Learn more about the paintings you like and the artists who painted them.

Talk to a painter. Ask an art teacher or painter in your community where they get their
inspiration. What do they like to paint? Why? Look at some of their paintings and explain
what you like about them.


Go to an art show or museum. Find 5 paintings that you love and decide why you think
they’re great. Who painted them? When? Look for what they have in common with each


Team up with an adult to find images of 5 paintings you love. Search in library books,
magazines, or online. Why do you like them? Who painted them, and when? Look for what
they have in common with each other.

Step 2 Paint the real world
Painting what’s around you is the first step to becoming an artist. Pick one choice and try to paint something from the real world.


Paint a portrait of a friend, family member, pet, or yourself. If you are painting
someone else, have the person sit in an interesting pose and try to capture what the
person looks like. If it’s yourself, use a mirror to see all the lines and shapes in your face.


Paint an outdoor landscape with trees or flowers. Find a pretty spot with lots of colors
and paint what you see.
FOR MORE FUN: Paint at a different time of day and see how the light makes the colors
look different.


Paint a still life. A “still life” is an object, like a bowl of fruit or a vase. Set up what you
want to paint first. Don’t forget to show how the light hits the object by using light and
dark colors!
**FOR MORE FUN: After you’ve painted something in your world, paint something
“out of this world,” like the sun or planets.

Step 3 Paint a mood

Some painters create “abstract” art. They don’t paint objects or people. They
use shapes, lines, and colors to paint a feeling or mood. Pretend you are an
artist who is trying to paint an emotion. Paint what you think one of these moods would
look like. Remember, it’s your idea, so it’s okay if other people don’t see it like you do!


Calm. What colors would you use to create a calm feeling?


Happy. How would you show a happy feeling? What colors or shapes make you smile?


Angry. What colors or shapes look like anger to you?
Musical moods. Put on some instrumental music (the kind without words) and try painting
the mood you hear.
**Make Puffy Paint
Puffy paint might be fun to use in your mood painting. Ask an adult to help you follow
these directions to make some:
􀁸 Put shaving cream into a plastic bow. Try a small amount first.
􀁸 Add white glue and 3 to 4 drops of food coloring to the shaving cream. Start with a
little bit and mix until it is almost like taffy, but not quite a s thick.
􀁸 Grab paintbrushes and paint!! Paint it on thickly to get the best – and puffiest

Step 4 Paint without brushes

Who says you have to use brushes? Try painting with one of the things below.


Paint with something from nature. Use something with a design on it, like a leaf. Press it
into paint and, then, onto your paper. Try different kinds of leaves.
FOR MORE FUN: Press the leaf onto one side of your paper, and, then, remove it. Before
the paint dries, fold the paper in half. Open it. What does the shape look like?


Paint with indoor objects. Dip string or yarn into paint and drag it across your page.
Paint an entire picture this way. Then, use a feather, a spoon, or a cotton swab as a
paintbrush. Next, paint a picture and use a straw to gently blow water on it. What does it
do to the picture?
**FOR MORE FUN: Use food coloring and blow that through the straw.


Paint with a stamp. All kinds of things make super stamps. With an adult’s help, cut a
potato in half and carve out a design. Dip the end in paint and stamp it on your paper. Try
it with a sponge, too.
**FOR MORE FUN: Paint bubble wrap and press it on your paper. What does the design look like? Do you like it?

Step 5 Paint a mural
A mural is a really big painting that tells a story. Murals are sometimes painted on
buildings (some take up whole city blocks!). Do you have any murals in your town? If not, team up with an adult to look at some online. Then, create a mural on butcher paper (or many pieces of paper taped together).


Paint a mural that tells a story you love. It could be the story of your favorite book or
all about the best family vacation ever.


Paint a mural about your Girl Scout fun. What about the story of a favorite trip or


Paint a mural that tells the story of an event or person. Choose a story about which
you want your community to know!

Tip: If you work on the mural with your friends, make sure everyone gets to use their
own style.

Paint a Paper Doll on Old Letters
Daisy Low loved to make paper dolls. She said, “My painting is the greatest pleasure I
have.” When Daisy was young, her cousin Caroline drew the dolls and Daisy painted them.

Try making paper dolls of your own – maybe even team up with a friend, like Daisy did!

Add the Badge to Your Journey
For step 5, have fun with your Brownie sisters by painting a mural that shows the project you did as part of your Journey. You could show what you did to make a world a better place, and how it made your feel!

Now that I’ve earned this badge, I can give service by:

􀁸 Painting murals hat tell important community stories
􀁸 Giving a painting lesson to Daisies and teaching them about different styles of
􀁸 Creating paintings for the front of thank-you cards

I’m inspired to:

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