Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carnival Campout!

We had made Sit Upons a few meetings ago -- just for this event!

Our area troop (over 350 scouts) had a big camp out planned and the weather almost scared off a bunch of troops! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out and the gals had a great time!

The theme was "Carnival Camp Out" and included lots of great props like the photo stand!

We had dinner, s'mores, skits, coloring hats, cotton candy, a hike, games, a DJ for a 2 hour dance, breakfast, lunch, and so much more.
All along with the chance to make friends with other scout troops/ girls!

What a lot of great memories AND a fun patch!

Photo: Camping with Alanna & her Girl-Scout friends & Moms. The kids have a DJ, so much fun!

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