Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bridging Ceremony

It's is that time -- for our Daisies to become Brownies!

Refreshments were set up and ready to serve after the ceremony. We had Girl Scout cookies, brownies,
mini muffins and juice.

We had a "pond" with a bridge on it, and "floating on the pond" were the lilypads that the girls had made.

To the side of the "pond" were chairs for the girls to sit on.

We did it at our city hall as the church we
normally meet at is ripped up for construction.
They are a few weeks ahead of schedule and we frantically searched for a place.
We were lucky enough to get the city community room {whew} because I had already called all the churches in town... the room worked out perfectly for us!

We had the girls start with that "bridging" song {sung to Brother John tune}:

We aren't Daisies, We aren't Daisies
Any more. Any more.
We're becoming Brownies, We're becoming Brownies
Oh La La! Oh La La!
We had the girls do the Pledge of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.
Girls take a seat.

We started with $5 last year and really accomplished a LOT!
We had field trips to places like the police station or a bank, did service work by making bags for the homeless and singing at the senior center, gave back to the community but cleaning up the church lot and buying gifts for kids at Christmas and had fun at bigger area events like the January Dance, International Bazaar or the camp out last weekend! Just look at some of the fun we have had over the past two years -- just by looking at a vest and letting your daughter talk about the patches she earned.
We did burn off a photo disc for you - so you can print any memories that they want to put into their scrapbooks.
They learned about personal safety this year - fire escape plans, stranger danger and basic first aid for their friends. They learned finances with their cookie sale! They learned how to protect their planet through their journey book. We learned, as a group, to respect others and how to help each other.
We are incredibly proud of them and all the efforts they put in to it.
Simple accounting - We currently have a little over $150 in our troop account and think that should hold us until the big cookie sale in February.
Now that they are going to the next level our scouts, we are looking forward to the girls taking more leadership of what we will be doing as Brownies -- that is why their surveys were so important. (remind all to turn them in)
How Brownie Patches work.
  • 5 steps
  • 3 choices
  • Application of what is learned
Already Planned:
  • They are starting their first Brownie adventure with the Paining/Artist Patch! (DIY)A July Meeting/event - FREE Dance Clinic!They will get a second Brownie DIY adventure
  • There will be one August Meeting/event (depends on the girl's surveys)
  • Meetings start up again in September - at the church, the first and third Thursday of the month.
  • Sign Up sheet for snacks/beverage helpers. Once of both for each scout over the year.
The Daisy is a flower,
As pure and white as can be.
Juliette Low was called Daisy,
She started Girl Scouts you see.
And now the time is near,
Dasies will bridge to Brownies,
for another Girl Scout year.
As a Brownie, you might ...
bulletLearn how animals are cared for and organize a toy and blanket drive for a shelter
bulletTake a trip to Dairy Queen and learn how they make ice cream
bulletAttend special Girl Scout events like the Dance in January or the International Bazaar
bulletMarch in community parades
bulletTeach Girl Scout Daisies songs and games
bulletGo camping, make s'mores over a campfire
bulletEarn Try-Its, learning new skills
bulletTry a week of new things at summer camp

***Then we call each girl one at a time (alpha by first name) 
After each girl crosses the bridge, we hand them their certificates, bag, they take off their Daisy vests, and they take a chair.
When you were a very young girl
You wore Daisy Girl Scout Blue,
You learned the joy of singing
With Daisy friends so true.
But now that you are older
You will be trying something new,
You will bring along your happy smile
To Brownies we are welcoming you.
Brownies you’ll be for two short years
Make the most of each day that goes by.
Be cheerful and helpful and do a good turn,
And greet each Girl Scout with a “HI”.
Our Daisy years were lots of fun.
Now it’s over and Brownies has begun!
They sing "I've Got Something in My Pocket" and say "Brownie smile" extra loud.
We'd like to present to you - BROWNIE Troop #1123

Then, I called our troop assitant leader over the bridge and gave her a gift and big note of thanks for all the help she has given me (and the girls) over the year.
Please join us in our friendship squeeze.
Then we have our refreshments
We made sure we get the surveys back from everyone....
I DID get sign up sheets done for snacks, beverages and the 2 special meetings next year (Brownie Soup night and our Trail Mix Ceremony

That is our ceremony.... short, sweet and simple.
The girls LOVED it!

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