Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays!

From our troop to you -- Have the best of holidays!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


We were supposed to sing tonight at the local senior center but just one problem:

we got 18 inches of snow!

The blizzard even closed the schools for two days -- we will have to rebook this for AFTER the holiday.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ringing The Bells...

Salvation Army Red Kettles Help the Poor
There are TONS of "fun patches" available.... but everything we do doesn't have to equal one.

Sometimes, it is just OK to have fun together and learn a little about doing something for others - like a simple, one hour shift with a red kettle for the Salvation Army.

That is what we did today, as a troop. We passed out mini candy canes to all who put some money in, no matter what the amount. We also practiced the five songs that we are going to sing next week at the Senior Center. It was truely a fun time, as you can see -


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meeting Number 6: Butterflies!

Early Bird Activity: Still working on coloring the boxes for December's Senior Center Visit

Ha Ha Game: The girls lay down, in a circle, with their heads on the tummy of the next girl. One starts and says "ha". The next girl says "ha ha"... and it gets passed along like a friendship squeeze but more "has" are added to each person. I have yet to see anyone get to the end without cracking up...I was down on the ground with them, and it was a HOOT!

Circle Time
·Review Caper Chart. Leader Helper sits on my right
·Girl Scout Promise

Petal Award Pass out (our first year Daisies are doing an independant study to earn their petals) The 2nd year girls applaud them!

Birthday Award Pass out (A card from me with a patch)

Have a Good Trip: Bon Voyage: Buen Viaje:

Living the Law, and So Many Seeds
-What do you say in Chinese to people taking a trip? (Yi lu shun feng)
They were to read up to page 29 in their books

In the story, Lupe tells Clover that every place is special.

What special places do you know? What makes them special?

When the flower friends got to the Morning Glory Inn, they enjoyed some blueberry pancakes!
Have you ever had them for breakfast?

What did you have for breakfast today?
How did it make you feel?

What do you think makes a good breakfast that gives you lots of energy for your day?

At the last meeting, Zinni was worried about her seeds blowing in the wind...who has ever blown a dandelion?

What happened?

Can you see how, if we are careful with seeds, we are helping to take good care of Planet Earth?

Seeds are just baby plants, waiting to grow and are spread by the wind, rain, animals and bugs - like butterflies!
Craft time.

We made butterflies from empty toilet paper rolls. VERY simple craft. Toilet paper tubes, paper, chenille stems, gluesticks.:)
Craft helper passed out craft bags.

Snack Time
·Hand Sanitizer Helper --spritzes, Snack and beverage helpers pass out treats. It was the birthday of a girl, so we let her bring cupcakes.
Circle time

·Christmas Song: review: Daisy song, Rudolph, Jingle Bells, Mr Snowman, Echo, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and the Snowflake Song for singing at the Senior Center in two weeks. We coached them with how to stand, smiling, and all starting at the same time. We also talked about not getting all flustered if one looses their spot, just to jump in where everone else is.

·What is next ?
We ring the bells for the Salvation Army next week! They are going to practice their songs again.

Singing for the Senior Center.
Investiture Cermony in January...if the cookie awards are in. If not, we will push it to February. We want to do both presentations at the same time.

Squeeze helper helped us close.

Clean Up helpers help pack up cart...

Take home: their craft