Thursday, February 6, 2014

We mean business: Cookie Business (and Doughnut Seeds)


Our Early Bird Activity is working on the swap. It's a "mini envelope" from the ground hog capitol of the world!
Welcome Circle: Pledge led by "girl of the week".
  • We pass out Birthday Patches for anyone who has had their birthday since our last meeting.
  • I did some planning girls, and realized how much cool stuff we are doing before the end of August!
      • Girl Scout Global Action
      • Our Journey Patches
      • Pet Patch
      • First Aid Patch
      • Safety award Pin
      • My Promise My Faith Pin
      • Girl Scout Way Patch
      • Money Manager Patch
      • Philanthropist Patch
      • Meet My Customers Patch
      • World Thinking Day Patch
      • Community Patch
      • Snacks Patch
      • Up to 5 patches for selling cookies!
      • Fun Patches Pledge at City Hall, Pool Party, Camp Out Day
      • Fun, right? (show picture and chart)
Something different for snack -- Doughnut Seeds. The template (below) comes from Family Fun. You print it out, tape or glue it up with Cheerios inside. The trick it to plant the "doughnut seeds" and pplace them where they can grow comfortably. In our case, a different room than our meeting...and the girls were POSITIVE that I would leave to switch them out. (they just didn't count on another parent helping them "grow"...ha!
***Plant Donut Seeds***

Cookie Planning:
  • Troop box goal? 180/per girl for the Kalahari Day. 2160 troop boxes +
  • What do we want to do as a troop over the next year? (paint your own pottery store visit, go to Whole Foods for a snacks/class workshop, Overnight at Children’s Museum of Milwaukee, make troop t-shirts)...narrow the list
  • How much will it cost? $14 - $7 - $30 - ?
  • How many boxes does that mean we have to sell? We make $0.70/box so let’s do the math!
  • 14 + 7 + 30 = $51  Divide by $.70 = 72 boxes!  
  • We already know we need to sell 75 boxes each to pay for all the patches, etc over the that makes a base goal of $147 boxes per girl. Just SSTTTRRREEETTTCCCHHHIIINNNGG a bit to 180 and we get to add a FREE day of fun at the Kalihari!
  • What can they earn this year?
    We will review the gifts from the cookie carnival --
    Patches, trinkets, American Girl Doll, Mall Of America over night trip, etc
    Talk realistically about how many cookies are sold per booth shift…. The rest is from online, door to door, family and friends.
  • How can we have an AWESOME series of cookie booths??
    • Know our stock
    • Suggestive Sell
    • Donations
    • Change for Change
    • Expectation letter to sign....
    • Song
We need to sign thank you notes for booth spots! There are Thank You cards for us to all sign – that way, we can make sure each location knows how much we appreciate them.
Practice the Cookie Song:
We are selling, Girl Scout Cookies,
Get them now, While you can
Only for a short time, You can even donate
Buy a Case, they freeze well.

The International Bazaar - they voted on England. Learning Poster ideas... Straw Hat Craft, Tube Steaks.  What kinds of things do we want our learning poster to cover?
·         Boss of the country
·         Food
·         Flag
·         Public transportation
·         Weather
The money we raise goes to the scholarship fund for kids who can’t afford to become scouts. Their families don’t have that extra $35 a year

What do we want to charge?
I will talk to Copps for a donation of weenies and buns…we have FREE hats and need flowers/ribbons… looking for a sale at Michael’s!

$0.25 small hat
$0.50 medium  hat
$0.75 large hat
$1.00 hot dogs
Mentoring a Troop: A Daisy troop is going to visit our meeting in April – what kinds of things should we do with them? teach a swap – snack – song ? April is a ONE meeting month for us, so we will ALL make the same swap! Flower pot snack? What song: Smile song or Bridging song?

Craft Time: making cookie selling lanyards
Snack Time: check on donut seeds!
Clean Up Time!! Who remembers that song?
(leader) Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, let’s tidy up the room! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, it’s time to go home soon.
(girls) Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, we’re picking up our things! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, hear our voices sing!
Closing Ceremony:
  • Next meeting we will finish stuff for our booth at the bazaar…sample crafts and our poster. We will also talk about story #3 in our Journey books.
  • Squeeze and goodbye sister scouts!
Get your own Doughnut Seed Packet HERE

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