Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting Ready for International Thinking Day!

Our Early Bird Activity is working on their paper bag puppets

Welcome Circle: Pledge led by "girl of the week".
  • We pass out Birthday Patches for anyone who has had their birthday since our last meeting.
  • Talk about the story in the books that they just read
·         Safety award: National Disaster. Juliette and her girls helped the red cross during WW1, there are people suffering now from the cold, blizzards etc. What do you think is a disaster? What could we do to help?
The International Bazaar – Let’s make our learning poster and sample crafts!

Cut out England Facts, mat them, glue them on.
Make our Price Charts...

Tube Steak Sign?

Snack Time: S'mores!

Clean Up Time!! Who remembers that song?

Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, let’s tidy up the room! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, it’s time to go home soon.

Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, we’re picking up our things! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, hear our voices sing!

Closing Ceremony:
  • Next meeting we will earn our first aid patch…we have a nurse coming!  I would like everyone to think of ONE question to ask her about injuries.
  • Squeeze and goodbye sister scouts!

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