Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women's Hockey Game!

There was a GREAT deal on tickets for Girl Scouts: $1 each. If your parent(s) wanted to come with you - they only had to pay $3. 
AMAZING right?

So, we put it out to our troop and a lot chose to join us - we had a group of 27!

Despite the bad weather, most made it and got to see a GREAT game against the STILL undefeated Minnesota Gophers {sigh}. The afternoon had some snow and freezing drizzle... the game started at 2:00PM but was over before the roads got really bad. All made it home safely.

Popcorn, dance cam, women's hockey and more made for a fun afternoon.

Thanks Girl Scouts and UW Badgers for the awesome deal!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Under The Sea Dance

Our membership area puts on a few, fun, local events for the girls and this is one: the Under the Sea Dance.

It cost $5 per girl but is a ton of fun squeezed into 2 hours.There are munchies, dancing and a fun patch for their vests. (Adults can come too but it's $2.00 for them)

They do NOT have to wear their uniforms but do have to wear "Appropriate" dress - nothing to risque as after all, we are talking Girl Scouts.

It is held at a local church in January -- perfect for those midwinter blahs...and they had a BLAST with a GREAT DJ.

Our troop fund paid for the girls, (adults were on their own).

How do you find out if your area does fun things like this? Go to your leader meetings.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Little Behind Schedule...

Thanks to a little blizzard in December, we rescheduled the singing at the Sr Center.  We also had a scheduling conflict and goofed on our bank January was pretty much a miss (except for the dance and hockey game).
This means, we will be playing "Catch Up" in February and March.
No big deal, but I have to switch things up a little bit if we are still going to have our Bridging Ceremony the last meeting of May.

Our Cookie awards are finally in so meeting one in February will be a "double up'" on the lessons and then meeting number two will be our Investiture Ceremony and Awards Night. Then, in March, we will make two meetings out of three planned ones.

That should catch us up perfectly!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Planning Ahead

summer fun clip artI had already shared our rough meeting agenda with you -- which took us through the end of May...basically 2-3 things a month when you  add meetings, tours and area group events like our Under The Sea Dance and Overnight Campout Carnival.

Now, what to do for summer?

Last year, we did ONE event in each month, June- July and August. The girls got "fun patches" for them. We had a pool party, video store tour and backyard sleepover where we did a nature scavenger hunt, cookout and even showed a movie on the back of the house!

This summer, I am looking at a few different things: A Tour, A Picnic and A Zoo trip! We might tour a local TV station. We can do a potluck picnic at one of our many beautiful parks and a night where they have FREE concerts. Our Zoo is FREE. We could do "fun patches" for each of those items too!

I was also thinking about making a "SUMMER TRY ITS" package. Where they could earn their patches over the summer, on their own, like my Independent petal packs for my new Daisies. I want to research them and see if any of our events would tie in with what they have so you could use some group functions to work through it together.

I know... the Try It program has been replaced with the new Journey Program. There was a LOT of great stuff in the Try Its, and you can still get some of the patches. Off to research the Try Its and talk to my assistant leader....we may do "Try Its" but be rewarding with fun patches.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Caroling at the Senior Center

We finally did it!
We sang several songs:
  • I am a Daisy Girl Scout
  • Dashing Through The Snow
  • Jingle Bells
  • Mr Snowman
  • Time For Winter
  • 3 Kings
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Then, we passed out those little boxes that we decorated, full of Girl Scout cookies!

After it all - I told them how SUPER they did and passed out little bags for them. The bags had their caroling patch and a little gift for them A set of Daisy Hair Clips.