Thursday, January 24, 2013

Under The Sea Dance

Our membership area puts on a few, fun, local events for the girls and this is one: the Under the Sea Dance.

It cost $5 per girl but is a ton of fun squeezed into 2 hours.There are munchies, dancing and a fun patch for their vests. (Adults can come too but it's $2.00 for them)

They do NOT have to wear their uniforms but do have to wear "Appropriate" dress - nothing to risque as after all, we are talking Girl Scouts.

It is held at a local church in January -- perfect for those midwinter blahs...and they had a BLAST with a GREAT DJ.

Our troop fund paid for the girls, (adults were on their own).

How do you find out if your area does fun things like this? Go to your leader meetings.

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