Thursday, January 10, 2013

Planning Ahead

summer fun clip artI had already shared our rough meeting agenda with you -- which took us through the end of May...basically 2-3 things a month when you  add meetings, tours and area group events like our Under The Sea Dance and Overnight Campout Carnival.

Now, what to do for summer?

Last year, we did ONE event in each month, June- July and August. The girls got "fun patches" for them. We had a pool party, video store tour and backyard sleepover where we did a nature scavenger hunt, cookout and even showed a movie on the back of the house!

This summer, I am looking at a few different things: A Tour, A Picnic and A Zoo trip! We might tour a local TV station. We can do a potluck picnic at one of our many beautiful parks and a night where they have FREE concerts. Our Zoo is FREE. We could do "fun patches" for each of those items too!

I was also thinking about making a "SUMMER TRY ITS" package. Where they could earn their patches over the summer, on their own, like my Independent petal packs for my new Daisies. I want to research them and see if any of our events would tie in with what they have so you could use some group functions to work through it together.

I know... the Try It program has been replaced with the new Journey Program. There was a LOT of great stuff in the Try Its, and you can still get some of the patches. Off to research the Try Its and talk to my assistant leader....we may do "Try Its" but be rewarding with fun patches.


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