Thursday, November 21, 2013

Meeting #6: Getting Ready For the Party

Our Early Bird Activity is Juliette's Paper Bag Puppets -- they started coloring them last time and need to finish.

Welcome Circle: Pledge led by "girl of the week".
  • We pass out Birthday Patches for anyone who has had their birthday since our last meeting.
  • This week, we are going to work on our books - filling in the blanks!

They had read Dancing With we had a lot of paper work to do.

Ceremony Prep Time!
Our next meeting is the rededication/investiture ceremony -- so we needed to prep everyone on what to expect.

Snack Time: Since they read about Thailand, the snack was suggested to involve Mangoes, Rice or Eggs...they had Mango Apple Sauce.
The snack helper got to read her "all about  me" sheet.

Clean Up Time!!

Closing Ceremony:
  • Next meeting we will have a party -- relax and get ready to have fun with it.
  • Squeeze and goodbye

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