Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meeting #5: Wrapping Things Up

Our Early Bird Activity is Juliette's Paper Bag Puppets -- they started coloring them last time and need to finish.

Welcome Circle: Pledge led by "girl of the week".
  • We pass out Birthday Patches for anyone who has had their birthday since our last meeting.
  • Then, we talk about our "assignment" from last meeting -- they had to do 3 acts of kindness with words. (pay an honest compliment, etc)
  • Pass out friendship patches
  • How did that make a change in the world?

They had to read Dancing With Chosita. 
Q: What makes something a story?  (Beginning, middle and end)
Make a story up - one line at a time...each girl adds a line to it, as you go around the circle. The sentence from the last girl is the end of the story.

There are stories all around us...some people have great stories in their life and some, not so great. They might loose their job, get sick, loose their home, etc. 
Q: How can we help someone who has to live outside when it's getting colder out (like now)?

SCARF project!
I had fleece cut into 6" wide strips at the fabric store. It was a LOT easier than just getting yards of it and cutting it myself, lol!
  • The girls cut fringes into the ends of it and then pinned a signed note to it. 
The notes said:"We hope this scarf brings the wearer luck for the new year. Made for you by Girl Scout Brownie Troop #1123" - then they added their first name.

Time to finish the invitations -- we had printed info that they simply had to glue into their cards. Then, they put them into their folders to take home.

Snack Time: Since they read about Thailand, the snack was suggested to involve Mangoes, Rice or Eggs. 
The snack helper got to read her "all about  me" sheet.

Clean Up Time!!

Closing Ceremony: 
  • Pass out Community Service Patches
  • Next meeting we will work on our books, see what was added to our passport, talk about our ceremony in December and think of a swap for the Gold/Silver dance.
  • Squeeze and goodbye

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