Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meeting 13: Planning For The Big Day

We are done with our journey books so it's pretty simple: today we finish our Clover Project and get ready for the Bridging Ceremony in two weeks!

Girl Scout Promise
(reminding them to practice it so they are "good to go" for our ceremony)

Talk about the Briding ceremony so they know what to expect
Teach them the brownie bridging song
(To the tune of "Brother John")
We aren't Daisies, We aren't Daisies
Any more! Any more!
We're becoming Brownies, We're becoming Brownies
Oooh la la! Oooh la la!
(they had a blast with this!)
Time to make lilly pads for their Bridging ceremony!
Each girl got 4 coffee filters and a green marker to start with.
We took ONE filter, cut a wedge out and then had them color them green with their water based makers.
We then spritzed them with water and they flattened and dried super cool! (they dry pretty quick)
The "flower" was the other three coffee filters. We had them color in just the circle in the center. Then we stacked them, bunched them and tied them with curling ribbon.
See how cute they turned out?
I can't wait to see all of their lilypads on our "pond" for the cermony!

Clean up the yard of the church we meet at. This was for our Clover Project

Then, we washed our hands so we could have Snack.

Girl Scout Squeeze and say goodbye

That sums our last meeting as Daisy Scouts up.... the next time we get together, it is to Bridge to Brownies!

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