Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting the Parents Involved

I can't complain about the parents of my troop - at all.
They are super!
They help out, get involved and so much more!

This is a quick survey that we are passing out at the Bridging ceremony next week to see if we can't tap any hidden resources for their Brownie Adventure.

Becoming A Brownie Parent Survey!
The girls are going to learn a lot of fun things over the next two years as Brownies…
and we could use your help with the huge variety of things we might learn!
(They are helping make our choices in their survey)
Our troop/group family will serve as our best resource in developing meaningful program
activities for our girls. Please share a little about your interests, hobbies, or profession
so that we may know a little about you!

Phone #: ________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________
c Standard First Aid
c CPR for
______basic life support
c Lifeguard
c Water Safety Instructor
c Licensed Driver
c Archery Instructor
c Other:_______________________________
c Other:_______________________________
c Other:_______________________________
c Other:_______________________________
My job, business or profession would be of interest to the girls:
I am affiliated with the following community groups:

Special Interests:

c Architecture

c Arts & crafts

c Astronomy

c Audio Visual

c Auto Maintenance

c Bicycling

c Boating

c Bookkeeping

c Bugs

c Camping

c Career Planning

c Chemistry

c Child Care

c Community Service

c Computers

c Cooking/Nutrition

c Dental Health

c Dramatics

c Drawing, Painting

c Ecology

c Environmental Issues

c First Aid, Health & Safety

c Games

c Gardening

c Global Issues

c Health & Fitness

c Hiking

c Homemaking

c Human Relations Skills

c Knitting/Crocheting

c Literacy - helping others to read

c Mathematics

c Music

c Photography

c Sciences

c Sculpting

c Sewing

c Singing

c Special Needs Issues

c Sports

c Storytelling

c Swimming

c Woodworking

c Women's Issues

c Yoga

c Other talents, hobbies, or skills:

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