Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Petal Independent Study Packs

I have half a troop that is new to scouts this year. They did NOT earn the Daisy Petals like the other girls did last year and have a big old blank spot on their vests!

Independent study to the rescue!

I have been working on several packs, that they can work on in their own time, and bring back to a meeting to be recognized.

That way, the "new" girls will earn their petals and fill out their vests like the other gals.

First of all, I needed 11 of them per girl.
**I would LOVE to give credit to the person who created the coloring sheets but they were Google images. I apologize now to the person who should get the praise - I think they are perfect for this age group!  

  1. Daisy Blue Center= Promise
  2. Light Blue= Honest & Fair
  3. Yellow= Friendly & Helpful
  4. Spring Green= Considerate & Caring
  5. Red= Courageous & Strong
  6. Orange= Responsible for what I say and do
  7. Purple= Respect Myself & Others
  8. Magenta= Respect Authority
  9. Green= Use Resources Wisely
  10. Rose= Make the world a better place
  11. Violet= Be a sister to every Girl Scout
I plan to give them clusters of packs at a time. When they finish all, they get the NEXT set.  This means I don't have to make all 55 packs before I start this program.

So, what is in the packs?

#1 Daisy Blue Center - Promise
1. Make a Girl Scout Law bracelet using the colors of the petals. Beads and cord included.
2. Learn the promise -- same circle from our first meeting is included. (We say it at every meeting so this is pretty easy).
3. I did it sheet.

#2 Light Blue - Honest & Fair
1. Girl Scout Coloring Sheet
2. Have a game night with the family and talk about how it's not fun to play with someone who doesn't play by the rules and tries to win without playing correctly. (cheating).
3. I did it sheet.

#3 Yellow - Friendly & Helpful

1. Girl Scout Coloring Sheet
2. Read the Brownie Story. (next post)
3. Enclosed are 10 little sheets of paper that say, “A Girl Scout was here”. Each time they do a good deed/chore without being asked, they can leave a slip of paper.
4. I did it sheet.
#4 Spring Green - Considerate & Caring
1. Girl Scout Coloring Sheet
2. Send "thank you" cards right after the holidays to say thank you to some of their relatives that spoiled you rotten.
3. I did it sheet.
#5 Red - Courageous & Strong
1. A Girl Scout Coloring Page
2. It is sometimes scary to get up in front of people and that it takes "courage" and "strength". Signing at the Sr Center earns this petal too!
3. I did it sheet.

#6 Orange - Responsible for what I say and do

1.Girl Scout Coloring Page
2. Make a promise to always wear their seat belts when in a car.
3. I did it sheet.
#7 Purple - Respect Myself & Others
1. Girl Scout Coloring Page
2. The easiest way to show respect is to use manners. Please, Thank You, Yes Sir, No Mam. Also, to never call an adult by their first name, unless they told you to.
3. Respecing yourself is simple: personal hygiene. Brush your teeth, brush your hair, take a bath -- all without having your parents tell you to.
4. I did it sheet.
#8 Magenta - Respect Authority
1. Girl Scout Coloring Sheet
2. As a troop we are taking a field trip to our local police station for a tour. The officer gave an age-appropriate tour, including the holding cell, the firing range and the motorcycle garage. It earns everyone a "fun patch" but will let these gals "double dip" on the activity.
3. I did it sheet.
#9 Green - Use Resources Wisely
1. A Girl Scout Coloring Sheet.
2. Make something out of an old toilet paper roll and bring it to a meeting to share.
3. I did it sheet.
#10 Rose - Make the world a better place
1. Girl Scout Coloring Sheet
2. There are animal that are at the Humane Society, waiting for families to adopt them. Make a stuffed toy from the enclosed kit and take it to them (kits are for stuffed catnip mice -- sewn but not sealed. They stuff it, and pull it closed.
3. I did it sheet.
#11 Violet - Be a sister to every Girl Scout
1. Girl Scout Cookie Sheet
2. We have Troop Pen Pals -- that let's them Double Dip on this!
3. I did it sheet.
What do they get when they complete each petal?
I found this on Pinterest and it was only an image -
I would LOVE to give credit to the genius that created it!
I learned a long time ago to "sell the sizzle": 
make it special, important and then, it is a higher percieved value!
We will have a special section of our meeting for this -- to recognize them.
The best part?
We will have the 2nd year girls stand up and clap for them.
THAT is the powerful part - getting recognition from their peers.


  1. Hey there! I just started a Daisy/Brownie troop. We're working on the petals and plan to get the center and about half the petals done this year. However, I've got two Daisy scouts who will bridge to Brownie at the end of this year and I'd like to give them the chance to have a full flower! So I'm putting together take-home packets for them to work on the patches we will NOT work on this year. I love your independent study packet ideas! One question, what is an "I did it" sheet?

    Thanks so much!!

  2. We had to do all of our petals in 6 months since we started in Jan of our First Grade year. Thanks! These helped us finish all of the Petals in time to Bridge.

  3. This is great. Thank you. Most of my girls just completed their promise. We are moving to honest and fair.

  4. Thank you for putting this all together. Even if you didn't create all the pages, you still put all this great info in one place. :) I love it and I bet my girls will too.