Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meeting Number Three: Slightly Organized Chaos

We had a girl as a guest tonight - she decided to join our troop!
We are up to 11 girls now - yippee!

Early Bird Activity: Still working on coloring the boxes for December's Senior Center Visit                 
To Welcome the new girls: the song was Make New Friends. Then, we introduced the two new gals and the leader helper gave them their Journey books and Welcome Certificate!

We talked about ALL the new girls to the troop this year and kick off the Petal Independent Study Program! (Separate Post Coming)
Circle Time

· Review Daisy Wheel. Leader Helper sits on my right
· How do we think the gal on our left feels today? Go around the circle and ask - as we are working on feelings (Blue Bucket)

Theme of the day: Our Road Trip Begins:
-What do you say in French to people taking a trip? (Bon Voyage)
            Read pages 13-18 together (not everyone had their books yet)
-Learn about different types of soil. - Sand, black dirt, clay
-Talk about littering and taking care of the planet (recycling or repurposing stuff)
-Role play on how I help my friends: choking (part of Safety Award)

· Girl Scout Law or Promise
Safety Badge training
· I Am Lost sheet (safety) We are covering WHO it is safe to talk to when we are lost and making sure all know their address and phone number. They practiced yelling:
"You are not my mom or dad!!" at the top of their lungs -- as we covered Stranger-Danger too!
We are also talked about the fire burn demo that they saw at the Fire Department, and how they need to practice a Fire Drill at their home. Their entire family.
Craft time.
We didn't get to this as we lost about 10 minutes to "silliness". They got to take it home to assemble. Our next meeting will talk about crafts, ask if they like them and mention how we have to do our "business" first... I know I packed a lot into this meeting, but the craft was SIMPLE and we should have been able to get to it.
Craft helper passed out craft bags. We were going to make Frank- CAN-stein cans to talk about repurposing items. Each craft bag had green paper (cut), black paper cut for the bangs, two sets of eyes. They were going to glue them to the cans, after I removed the sharp edges.  They would then also draw in the rest of their face. Good learning experience for me: less "work", keep them focused and get that craft in.
Snack Time
· Snack and beverage helpers pass out treats. It was Leaf week - and my daughter was the snack helper this time. We made Kale Chips
Circle time

· Christmas Song: Rudolph (practice for the Senior Center in December)
· What is next: Halloween! Be safe and smart! Our next Meeting we will finish earning the Blue Bucket award and Money leaf...yipee!
· Leader Helper passed out Library and Fire Station patches, cookie pins for the two that didn't make the Cookie Carnival, and birthday cards with birthday fun patch.
· Squeeze helper helped us close.

Clean Up helpers help pack up cart... A LOT of girls helped clean up - it was super!
Take home: Safety Sheets, their craft, a few patches and reminder for the next meeting!

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