Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cat Show 2014


Our troop was offered a fun opportunity for a Cat Show on April 5th.

They would be stewards at a cat show and the troop would get paid $300!!

Stewards help out in the cat show rings and get to see lots of kitties! The cat show as at the County Fairgrounds...and ran from 9-5. The girls were supplied a FREE lunch too....all they really did was sanitize the cages between judging rounds. Keep in mind, if a cat "messed" the cage, the cat's owner was responsible for cleaning it. 

We also got to bring cookies to sell! AWESOME news for us and we planned ahead with 120 boxes in our hands... and 96 sold!

This was perfect timing this year as we were working on our PET patches --

Step 1: Find out what care different pets need
Step 2: Keep a pet comfy
Step 3: Help a pet stay healthy and safe
Step 4: Make a pet feel loved
Step 5: Feed a pet
Step one: We made a survey that they asked cat owners!
  • How much space does this pet need?

  • Does it need to be inside or outside or both?

  • Do you need anything special for it in either of these places (cage, leash, etc.)?

  • How much food does this pet need?

  • What might it cost to buy the food?

  • What kind of human contact does this pet like? 

Step 2 we did at meeting - making cat-nip mice, Step 3 they did when they sanitized cages, Step 4 is when they get to pet the cats and Step 5 might happen too - or, when they donate the kitty treats and toys to to the Animal Shelter.

Fund-Raising -- when added to our cookie selling profit, we are GOLDEN for the next year with troop funds!

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