Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pet Patch Progress

Our Early Bird Activity is the March Swap: Birthday Baggies

Welcome Circle: Pledge led by "girl of the week".
--Birthday Patches passed out
--We are working on our Pet Patch Today!

We are going to have a tour of the Sun Prairie Animal Hospital… and we also have the Cat Show on 4/5…both happen over spring break.
  • ·         Who was at the cat show last year?
  • ·         What can you tell the new girls about it?
  • ·         This year, we will sell cookies AND interview pet owners so we can finish our pet patch!
One of the five steps is making a pet feel loved, so we are making catnip mice toys for the animal hospital. They are pre-sewn, we need to stuff and close. {It was the first time sewing for most of the girls}

Craft time: Making spring themed swap for April.

Snack Time: puppy chow?

Clean Up Time!!
Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, let’s tidy up the room! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, it’s time to go home soon.
Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, we’re picking up our things! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, hear our voices sing!

Closing Ceremony:
  • Next meeting we will have the Daisy Troop over. We are going to come a little earlier so we can be ready for them: snack, craft, song!  We are also going to do a dirty water experiment…earning our Global Action Patch!
  • Squeeze and goodbye sister scouts!

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