Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Planning!

It's nutso this spring -- now that we have a cookie sale in the spring (our first year not being in the fall!)

Here is our rough troop calendar:

January 13th - Lead the pledge of allegiance for city hall meeting
January 16th - meeting (no meeting sooner because of a long winter break)
January 31st - Gold & Silver Area Troop Dance
February 2nd - Cookie Carnival
February 6th - Troop Meeting
February 8th - Start selling cookies! We have two booths that day!
February 20th - Troop Meeting
February 22nd - International Bazaar for World Thinking Day
March  6th - Troop Meeting
March 8th - Cat Show Fundraiser
March 20th - Troop Meeting/field trip!
April 3rd - Troop Meeting
April 17th - Troop Meeting
April 27th - Area Troop Pool Party

See -- kinda crazy, LOL!
Soooo, it's time to sit down and plan this week - get all the t's crossed and i's dotted! We need to get permission slips, sign ups, etc.

How is your year starting off?

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