Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Holiday Party

With schools cutting back on everything -- we thought we'd keep the fun going. Some of my greatest memories were the silly parties and we had one of our own!

Circle Time: Girl Scout Pledge

Then, we had some fun!
  • They colored Christmas Mice and put a candy cane through it for a tail
  • They made Hot Cocoa Ornaments for their teachers
  • They had holiday cupcakes for snack
  • They did an ornament exchange
The mice were holiday clearance from the local craft store the year before...a 15 pack of them for just $0.40
They had to work as a team to fill the (previously washed) ornaments with cocoa and mini marshmallows.
Here is a great tie on tag, we found on the web :

Simple cupcakes and milk for a snack -- bypassing our normal "healthy snacks" rule.
The ornament exchange was voted on in November (unanimously passed) and had to be $5 or less - and something that reminded them of Scouts. They needed to bring it wrapped:
I forgot the numbers I had cut out -- but we went by first name, backwards. It was interesting to see what they picked: Cat ornaments because the LOVED doing the cat show fundraiser, Rainbows because girls are all different colors, Circle ornaments because the friendship song, candy ones -- everyone is sweet, girl ones, etc. It was WONDERFUL letting them share.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your troops-

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