Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cookie Booths: Direct Sales

This year, it was Direct Sales for cookies.

I can't tell you how many times I went to the Service Center to get cookies, or TRIED to get cookies. At one point, they had 106 troops on the list and were waiting for the baker to deliver to the warehouse so they could get cookies for all of us.

I know it is the best fundraiser for my troop - but it took SO MUCH of my time this year that there simply has to be a better system for this.

It was their first year trying it -- and I KNOW the girls sold more by having them in hand for instant delivery but the suppliers simply couldn't keep up.

A tad frustrating...

However, the girls ROCKED it. They learned about customer service, making change, patience and even how to set up an eye appealing booth. (they colorized the cookies, LOL)

We had seen a lot of other booths set up --no table cloth, messy tables, girls standing in store displays or in their outside flower gardens - all things that made me cringe!

A simple tablecloth makes such a HUGE difference! Add a little seasonal decoration and it really draws the eye....
Our signs were in frames from the local dollar store - for a neater presentation.
Never underestimate the power of pigtails, lol!
They brought their "a' game, used their manners and "worked" on their 2 hour shift. (I split the troop up).

I couldn't be prouder of them!

We made enough troop money for all the things we want to do: service project - events - awards and more...but I already dread this for next year, LOL!

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