Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kalihari Day!

All Girl Scout Troops that averaged 180 boxes of cookies sold per girl qualified for a fun day at the Kalihari Resort!

We soared past this goal and had a GREAT time at the indoor them park and water park. Just check out the fun that was had:


Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Meeting: Meet the Daisies!

We hosted a Daisy Troop tonight... it's part of what the Brownies need to do to bridge to Juniors and Daisies need to do to bridge to Brownies!
Our Early Bird Activity is a quick craft: Mini Straw Hats (Swap)
Welcome Circle: Pledge led by "girl of the week". Girl Scout Promise
We have visitors today!
Let's all introduce ourselves, and share one thing we love about Girl Scouts
  • We are going to teach you a song
  • We are going to earn our 2014 Global Action Patch
  • We have a fun snack!
Song: This is the song we sang to our parents and guests who were at our Bridging ceremony...
(To the tune of Brother John)
We aren't Daisies
We aren't Daisies
Any More
Any More
We're becoming Brownies
We're becoming Brownies
Global Action Patch:
Did you know, in some parts of the world, children get sick because they don't have clean drinking water?
Where to you think your drinking water comes from?
Then, with your Brownie friends, try this nifty experiment with a grown-up. First, mix up a bowl of dirty water by adding cooking oil, soil, and small pieces of paper. Then, with help, cut a plastic bottle in half. Turn the top half upside down so it's like a funnel. Build a filter in the funnel trying different materials: gravel, sand, and cotton balls. Pour the dirty water through the bottle, experimenting with different layers of filter material to see which filters the water best. (Don't drink the filtered water.)
Share your findings with others. (Millennium Development Goal: Helping children survive)
Snack Time: baby carrots in little terra cotta flower pots, with dip
Clean Up Time: Who remembers our song?
Leader sings:
Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, let’s tidy up the room! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, it’s time to go home soon.
Scouts sing:
Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, we’re picking up our things! Brownie Scouts, Brownie Scouts, hear our voices sing!
Closing Ceremony:
  • We all earned our Global Action Patch! This is an official award now, and can go on the front of your uniforms.  
  • Squeeze and goodbye sister scouts!